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Dave Matthews Band - Live At Wrigley Field (iTunes Version)

Formed in the early '90s by South African vocalist/guitarist Dave Matthews, the Dave Matthews Band presented a more pop-oriented version of the Grateful Dead crossed with elements of jazz, funk, and the worldbeat explorations of Paul Simon and Sting.The iTunes album includes 21 live tracks performed by the band at Wrigley Field. Recorded shortly before the band embarked on a planned year hiatus from touring in 2011, the Chicago show was a definite crowd-pleaser with a mix of new surprises and older fan favorites.
Track List:
01. You Might Die Trying
02. Stay or Leave
03. Seven
04. Crash Into Me
05. Good Good Time
06. #41
07. Tripping Billies
08. Digging a Ditch
09. Squirm
10. Gravedigger
11. Spaceman
12. Stay
13. Can’t Stop
14. Grey Street
15. Jimi Thing
16. Time Bomb
17. Two Step
18. Christmas Song
19. Corn Bread
20. The Last Stop
21. Funny The Way It Is
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