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  • La Roux - La Roux (Gold Edition) (iTunes Version)

    Meaning "red-haired one" in French, La Roux is the synth pop project of flame-haired singer/songwriter Elly Jackson and keyboardist/producer Ben Langmaid. Before they collaborated, Jackson, the daughter of actress Trudie Goodwin, grew up listening to folk artists and singer/songwriters like Nick Drake and Joni Mitchell, and drew inspiration from their sounds for her early music. However, Jackson's style changed as she got into the rave scene, taking her music in a more electronic direction. Meanwhile, Langmaid had gone to school with Rollo from Faithless, and the two recorded as house duo Huff & Puff in the mid-'90s; Langmaid also recorded as Atomic and as one half of Huff & Herb for Rollo's label, and was a songwriter for the group Kubb. Jackson and Langmaid began working together in 2006, when they were introduced by a mutual acquaintance. Initially, they called their project Automan and wrote largely acoustic music before scrapping that name and sound for the sleek Prince, David Bowie, and the Knife-inspired style they pursued as La Roux, a moniker Jackson found in a book of baby names. Their debut single, "Quicksand," was released by Kitsune in fall 2008, and earned the band acclaim from the BBC and the Guardian. La Roux supported Lily Allen on her 2009 U.K. tour around the time their second single, "In for the Kill," was released that spring and debuted at 11 on the U.K. charts, reaching a peak position of two; that summer, the single "Bulletproof" debuted at number one a week before La Roux's self-titled album was released. La Roux arrived in the States that fall. Late that year, the duo began working on new material that steered away from the heavy '80s influence of its debut. In early 2010, Skream's remix of "In for the Kill" won Best Dancefloor Filler at the NME Shockwave Awards. That summer, "Bulletproof" entered the Top Ten of Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart, and La Roux released the mix album Sidetracked.
    Genres: Pop, Music, Rock, Dance
    Released: Feb 08, 2011
    ℗ 2011 Polydor Ltd. (UK)
    01 In for the Kill (feat. Kanye West) [Clean]
    02 Finally My Saviour
    03 Under My Thumb
    04 I'm Not Your Toy (Jack Beats Remix)
    05 In for the Kill (Skream's Let's Get Ravey Remix)
    06 Quicksand (Boy 8 Bit Remix)
    07 Bulletproof (Zinc Remix)
    08 Tigerlily Demo Version
    09 Bulletproof (Intimate Session At Abbey Road)
    10 In for the Kill (Vevo Lounge Version)
    11 In for the Kill (The Making Of) [Video]
    Digital Booklet - La Roux

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  • Sean Lennon - Parachute (L'éclipse) [with Matthieu Chedid] - Single (iTunes Version)

    Genres: French Pop, Music
    Released: April 23, 2007
    ℗ 2007 The copyright in this audio/visual recording is owned by Capitol Records, Inc. 2007 Friendly Fire LLC under exclusive license to Capitol Records, Inc. This label copy information is the subject of copyright protection. All rights reserved.
    1. Parachute (L'éclipse) [with Matthieu Chedid]

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  • Aqua - Megalomania (iTunes Version)

    Danish pop quartet Aqua will always be best remembered for their ode to Barbie, but as their three consecutive U.K. number ones and two multi-platinum albums proved, they had a bit more longevity, and indeed substance, than your average novelty act. Eleven years after 2000's Aquarium and four years after announcing their re-formation, they return with their third studio effort, Megalomania, hoping to extend their shelf life even further than anyone who first heard their motto of "life in plastic, it's fantastic" could have imagined. Unsurprisingly, their previous squeaky, cartoonish pop sound is nowhere to be found on this record which, with its several expletive-laden lyrics and trashy electro production reveals a much more grown-up, if not necessarily mature, new direction. While its 11 tracks might not contain as much of the "guilty pleasure" factor of their previous output, by smoothing out the oddball qualities that made them such a unique chart force, they now sound like every other generic dance-pop outfit out there. Indeed, there are several songs which appear to have borrowed wholesale from other massive world-wide hits such as "Kill Myself," whose chorus has quite clearly been lifted from Katy Perry's "Hot & Cold"; "No Party Patrol," whose global warning message is lost among its uncanny similarity to Lady Gaga's "Just Dance," and "Viva Las Vegas," which could be mistaken for any one of KeSha's heavily Auto-Tuned singles. Elsewhere, "Come N' Get It" is an unremarkable attempt at clattering R&B, "Like a Robot" shows that the band's tongue-in-cheek innuendos have disappointingly been replaced by straightforward explicitness, and the plodding "If the World Didn't Suck (We Would All Fall Off)" fails to live up to its majestic title. The sweeping strings, inspired sound effects, and driving country-pop melodies of the lushly produced opener "Playmate to Jesus," and the dirty, Calvin Harris-style, trance-pop anthem "Dirty Little Pop Song" shows the reunion hasn't been completely without merit. But while no one would have expected Lene, Rene, and co. to be as animated as they were over a decade ago, it's unlikely that anyone would have expected Megalomania to sound so formulaic, either.
    Genres: Pop, Music, Rock, Britpop, Electronic, Dance
    Released: 03 October 2011
    ℗ 2011 Universal Music / WaterWorks
    01 Playmate to Jesus
    02 Dirty Little Pop Song
    03 Kill Myself
    04 Like a Robot [Explicit]
    05 Viva Las Vegas
    06 No Party Patrol
    07 Come N' Get It
    08 Sucker for a Superstar
    09 Be My Saviour Tonight
    10 How R U Doin?
    11 If the World Didn't Suck (We Would All Fall Off)

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  • Aqua - Aquarius (iTunes Version)

    If ever there was a group that seemed destined for one-hit wonder status it was Aqua. Their huge 1997/1998 hit "Barbie Girl" was a cleverly designed piece of trifle, fueled by delirious Euro-disco beats and the helium-voiced Lene Grawford Nystrom, along with her comically gruff counterpart, Rene Dif. The song was giddy, silly fun, but it was hard to see how they could top it. Indeed, their debut, while entertaining, didn't show a lot of variety. So, it was easy to assume that their second album, Aquarius, would disappear upon its release in the spring of 2000. Well, that isn't really the case. Although they may never quite have a hit as large as "Barbie Girl" — particularly in America, where Europop acts are always seen as one-hit wonders (with the notable exception of ABBA) — Aquarius is superior to its predecessor in every way. Aqua never strays from their danceable Europop foundation, but they find remarkable variety within that framework. The hooks aren't always the same, the pace is varied and, most importantly, the production is bubbling with details. Each song is an individual creation, from the anthemic ballad "We Belong to the Sea" to the goofy country music parody "Freaky Friday." Every cut is blessed with its own vivid details — banjos, layered vocals, and the cinematic, sweeping strings of "Back From Mars" — thanks to chief producers and songwriters Søren Rasted and Claus Norreen. This is anything but a one-note album, even if Aqua's sonic signatures — the pounding disco beats, the high spirits, the big hooks, and the seemingly mismatched pair of Nystrom and Dif — remain the same. Certainly, Aquarius will not change anybody's mind about Aqua or Europop, but it stands as a high-water mark for the genre.
    Genres: Pop, Music, Britpop, Dance, Electronic, Rock
    Released: Mar 21, 2000
    ℗ 2000 Universal Music (Denmark) A/S
    01 Cartoon Heroes (Radio)
    02 Around the World
    03 Freaky Friday
    04 We Belong to the Sea
    05 An Apple a Day
    06 Halloween
    07 Good Guys
    08 Back from Mars
    09 Aquarius
    10 Cuba Libre
    11 Bumble Bees
    12 Goodbye to the Circus

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  • Aqua - Aquarium (iTunes Version)

    "Barbie Girl" is one of those inexplicable pop culture phenomena — a bouncy, slightly warped Euro-dance song that simultaneously sends up femininity and Barbie dolls. Mattel wasn't too amused, but the public was, making it a huge hit in Europe and America. Like many Europop acts, Aqua isn't capable of delivering another song as insanely catchy as "Barbie Girl," but there's plenty of infectious filler that keeps the album moving along at a nice pace.
    Genres: Pop, Music, Britpop, Dance, Electronic
    Released: Sep 09, 1997
    ℗ 1997 Geffen Records
    01 Happy Boys and Girls
    02 My Oh My
    03 Barbie Girl (Radio)
    04 Good Morning Sunshine
    05 Doctor Jones
    06 Heat of the Night
    07 Be a Man
    08 Lollipop (Candyman)
    09 Roses are Red
    10 Turn Back Time
    11 Calling You

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